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  • Can the Attorney represent me if I do not live in Utah?
    Yes. Because immigration law is federal, and our attorney is licensed and in good standing with the Utah State Bar, she able to represent clients anywhere in the United States.
  • What is included in an Immigration Consultation?
    You will meet with the attorney via phone, video or in person. The attorney will review the information you provide in your Pre-Consultation Questionnaire as well as any documents you provide for her review. She will ask additional clarifying questions about your immigration history, family, criminal history, and possible eligibility for humanitarian relief. Based on your responses, the attorney will be able to offer to represent you in seeking a particular immigration benefit. If you do not qualify for an immigration process, she will explain the legal basis why you do not or the reasons why she may not be able to represent you in your particular situation. The attorney won't explain how you can take on the case by yourself because she can only be responsible for your case if she actually represents you.
  • What will happen after the Immigration Consultation?
    If the attorney determines she can take your case, our Sales and Marketing Specialist will be your point of contact for signing up with our firm. After you officially become a client by signing the retainer and making the initial payment, you will work directly with a member of our legal team to provide us the information and documents we need to carry out the attorney's strategy. The attorney will supervise all parts of this process but your direct point of contact will be a paralegal or legal assistant to ensure you have the best service.
  • Does your firm offer payment plans or discounts?
    Yes, we offer payment plans and potential discounts depending on the size of the case as well as payment in full. We accept credit cards, debit cards, bank deposits, checks and cash for our clients' convenience. Also, if you retain our services within 30 days of your paid consultation, that fee will be credited to your payment plan.
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